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This project is a port of the famous Free Admin Bootstrap Theme SB Admin v2.0 to Meteor.js Theme.


  • CoffeeScript, Jade, and LESS.
  • Uses Iron Router (iron:router) for client-side routing.
  • Left side navigation is dynamically generated and routing is automatically created from a simple specificaiton in No <ul> and <li> tags. Just list the menu items in JSON. Second level menu is created by specifying the parent of menu item specification. Simple.
  • Redirects and missing routes supported.
  • Only dependency is roughly 70 lines of JavaScript and 60 lines of CSS for metisMenu jQuery plugin. All of this code is included in this repository under plugins and loads correctly by Meteor.
  • Only other dependencies are a few meteor packages. Run meteor list to duplicate.
  • Wired into Meteor’s account system for user creation, login, and logout.
  • Two themes: light and dark.


This template site was forked from the Start Bootstrap SB Admin 2 template and adapted for Meteor by Larry Maccherone.


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